And, boy, is this God hungry!

As a nation we are losing the beauty of our diversity.

We have swung to extremes. This swinging rope has constrained and tightened around our hearts so much so, that I’m afraid this nation has turned into a reality television program. The last one standing wins Darwin’s Survivor. The winner will receive their own personal island, four semi-automatic rifles of their choosing, a life time of ammunition, but sadly no one to shoot the ammunition at…that’s what happens when you’re left all alone.

We have become a people who are no longer able to collectively or critically think through the identity crisis we as a nation are facing. I suspect we lost our moral compass long ago, it’s just now, that most people don’t seem to give a shit that we have.

Let the anarchy games ensue. You better strap that open carry automatic rifle to your back for all the honest world to feel because it’s ‘game on’.

You will be required to play.

There is an entrance fee: We will accept apathy, cash, guns, land, and any politician who can incorrectly quote Jesus and the 2nd amendment, all the while speaking to, engaging, riling, and then soothing all of our fears with the mention of wars. War gets the economy moving and our blood pumping.

Come you Masters of War.

Wars on people groups, nations, religions; wars against those who would dare to oppose our belief of our entitled ‘intrinsic rights’, a right that says, “I don’t care what your problem is, or what obstacles that you’ve had to overcome. I don’t even care that I may have created and contributed to those obstacles. I got mine. I got mine. We all get to choose how we live, right?

Ultimately, we will feel better when we can be at war with those who think differently and act differently than we do…those actions help us feel better about ourselves don’t they?

Ultimately, perhaps…we are actually at war with God?

Don’t laugh Christian. Think about it.

When Christian College Presidents are calling for their student bodies to arm themselves, they have lost touch with the values and teachings of Jesus. In His place, in turn, they have created their own god, only the picture books share a vague resemblance, to what we hope for…

Otherwise, really, God it turns out lives in a house of mirrors.


We have become a polarizing people who feed on sound bites.

Sadly, we don’t feed on the words of Jesus. Well, we do, the left over ones we find hiding in the back of the fridge. A quick pop in the old microwave and we have enough venom to carry us through the next couple of hours, until we start complaining again about how hungry we are and there is nothing good to eat.


We snack on fear.

We ravish all who would dare question our own personal ideology.

Ideologies and political platforms which are pieced together from Special Reports blossoming full on Fox News, MSNBC, and wherever else we can swallow our man made gospels…this hyperbole.

Love is simple but it ain’t easy.

Love God with all that you are – Love your neighbor likewise.

When have we lost sight of this?

When did fear get in the way?

When did fear win?

When did we stop believing that Love conquers all?
A poem. 



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