Psalm 37:4

“Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.”


Resignation is dreadful,
Sucking the breath trapped in lungs that are barely
Hidden in a concaved chest cavity;
Pulled through a choking windpipe
Then seeping past freshly departed lips.

Smell, the death of desire…

Which is soon followed by the death of the mind,

Death of the spirit,
Death of the body.

Born in the depths of fear.
Fear of failure,
Fear of humanistic benchmarks that are somehow equated with success.
That if the truce of compromise is not accepted and signed,
We may very well be left to our own wares, without,
The help of well intending benevolent charity organizations.

Graveyards are full of tombstones that read
“Here lies a man that played it safe.”
One man buried among many.
All with tombstones of gray slate and granite
That will eventually give way, to the weather or vandals.
Either way,
They become shards of discarded pieces
Scattered across dusty plastic flowers.
Plastic flowers? How convenient we don’t have to get our hands dirty.

Easily we fall to pretext when we fail to simply trust.
Fail to simply believe;
That this gift of breath and spirit
Is not only to be lived abundantly,
But more importantly, experienced.

Yes! To touch, taste, and smell!
Not only on special occasions and two week vacations,
But every morning, noon and night,
Challenge the constraints of the rational mind,
Live fully in the Grace of God;
Not in reckless disobedience, but
Free from the chains of resigned defeat.
Cut loose from the containments of perceived respectability
And demure posturing and the likes of which
That is done in the lowly name of meekness.

No! Not me!
I will crack that whip! (I’ll make a whip, and use it!)
I will walk on water!
Sink or swim I’m going to taste the salty sea!
I’ll wear a coat of many colors!
I’ll dance wildly and buck naked before His presence
Celebrating this overwhelming gift that is,
Breath for today.

I choose to bless God.
Today I will bless my God by experiencing
All He has placed in me.
Oh yes!
I will worship Him and bring Him joy

By enjoying
which He
has given
to me.


Skinned knees and elbows.

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